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Lorenzo Barnes

On this day – 20 December 1842 – Lorenzo D. Barnes (1812-1842) died at Idle near Bradford, England – the first missionary to die on a foreign mission.

Lorenzo was born in 1812 in Massachusetts.  In 1833 his family made contact with the Church after they settled in Ohio and he joined with gusto.  The following year he joined Zion’s Camp marching to protect the saints – an event which seemed to be of little worth until you estimate its impact in preparing men to follow and lead.  In 1835 he was called into the first Quorum of Seventy thus initiating a series of missions over the next six years in the eastern states of Ohio, New York, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Lorenzo Barnes

In January 1842 he sailed, as a missionary, to England, and on his journey he penned a poem entitled The Bold Pilgrim.  The first and forth stanzas read: Continue reading “Lorenzo Barnes”

In Their Words…

Nothing beats a first-hand account to provide a sense of realism. For instance, compare these contemporary quotes about British Victorian poverty from our missionaries and a local minister. On their first day in Britain (1837) Heber C. Kimball walked the streets of Liverpool and recorded, Continue reading “In Their Words…”

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